Charity Of The Month September - Youth Projects Melbourne

Youth Projects Melbourne

Youth Projects Limited is an independent, registered charity that provides front line support to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, alcohol and other drug issues, and young people looking to reengage with learning.

Established in 1984, Youth Projects has considerably expanded its services over the past 30+ years throughout Melbourne.

They offer a holistic approach that combines multiple services, and provides young people with what they need to overcome confusing and frustrating barriers.

It’s a non-judgemental service with a strong focus on respect, client centred care and harm prevention We work with clients on a personalised, tailored basis to address highly complex issues faced by people experiencing multiple and complex needs.

They’re community based and independent of government, or any religion and work to ensure each member of the community is empowered with the skills, confidence and support to sustain a life of independence and wellbeing.

These guys do SO much, instead of going on about it here, please head to their website to check out the sheer scope of what they do, and what they achieve for Melbourne’s youth – and how you can help.

There’s options to volunteer your time and skills, and you can also help via donation.