Lort Smith Animal Rescue


Lort Smith is one of Melbourne’s oldest animal rescue organisations.

Started back in 1936, its founder, Louisa Lort Smith was a woman passionately committed to caring for the animals of poor and disadvantaged people, and nearly 80 years later, the heart and soul of Lort Smith lives on.

Today they’re largest animal hospital in Australia, with 67 vets and 94 vet nurses providing high-quality veterinary care for animals in need.

The Hospital has 11 wards including an Exotic and Native Wildlife Unit, and the Adoption Centre cares for animals undergoing medical treatment and also provides shelter, adoption and fostering services for surrendered animals.

As you know I love animals, and have a couple of furry mates myself. These guys do fantastic and valuable work, and I want to help share some love and rally some support.

For info on how you can help, head to their website. You can donate, volunteer, or if you’re thinking about getting a furry friend of your own, go the adoption route and visit these guys.