Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre


My charity of the month for March is the Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre (BARC)

BARC is a no-kill shelter providing vaccination, sterilization and other necessary medical assistance to all rescued animals. They operate a street sterilization program to help stop the relentless flow of unwanted puppies. Additionally they conduct education programs in the Balinese community.

You can read more about the education program here:  Education

You can read more about the street sterilization program here:  Sterilization

BARC runs a basic clinic in central Ubud where the non emergency cases can be treated and receive care, they also have an adoption centre and retail outlet, the retail outlet hosts our charity store, our pet store and our BARC merchandise store, 100% of profits from these three stores go directly to the care of the animals.

You can read more about the Ubud sites here: Ubud

BARC is in the process of creating Bali’s 1st multi-species sanctuary known as ‘Warrior’s Legacy’ in Tabanan, Bali. They currently have 60 adult dogs, 2 rescue horses, and 2 rescued pigs. They have just completed construction of a state of the art, all natural, open-air jungle monkey enclosure for their rescued monkeys.

You can read more about Warriors Legacy here: WL

None of this is possible without the generous support of donors – 100% of all donations go towards improving the lives of Bali Animals, so please check out their website and social media to learn how you can lend a hand.

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Instagram: @BARC4balidog
Facebook: @BARC4balidogs