A few of my faves


It’s that time of year, so for this month, I thought I’d pick a few charities that are close to my heart, that could use some extra help right about now.

The Indigenous Literacy Fund

Every child should have access to books and the opportunity to read.ILF are a national charity, that aims to reduce the disadvantage experienced by children in remote Indigenous communities across Australia, by lifting literacy levels and instilling a lifelong love of reading.

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The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is both a place and a movement. The ASRC are an independent not-for-profit organisation, whose programs support and empower people seeking asylum to maximise their own physical, mental and social well being. As a movement, they mobilise and unite communities to create lasting social and policy change for people seeking asylum in Australia. They are proud to be owned and run by our community of volunteers and supporters.
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Father Bob
The Father Bob Maguire Foundation was founded by, you guessed it, the incomparable Aussie legend Father Bob. If you haven’t heard of him, give him a Google, or watch the fantastic doco made about him from a few years ago, In Bob We Trust.

The foundation was started in 2003, and the mission is simple; to provide material, emotional and social support to whomever, whenever and wherever necessary.

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FareShare rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and cooks it into free nutritious meals for people in need. Around  four million Australians experience food insecurity while as much as $20 billion worth of food is wasted.FareShare tackles the tragedy head on by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, wholesalers, farmers and other businesses and cooking it into nutritious meals.

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Teddy’s Team / Dreamer’s Hen Rescue.
I fostered then adopted my two beautiful kittens from Teddy’s Team just recently. An side project of Dreamer’s Hen Rescue, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals, predominantly chickens, from abattoirs and farms, Teddy’s Team focuses on rescuing cats and kittens, with a special emphasis on those with special needs.
Both of these initiatives are completely independent and, largely self-funded. On top of day-to-day expenses of looking after animals, many require considerable veterinary care, which is considerably expensive. They need your help.
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Or if you’re interested in fostering a cat, kitten or plural, reach out via email > dhenrescue@gmail.com