About Meshel

Meshel Laurie is probably a very bad Buddhist, but she puts her heart and soul into improving, every day.  She works in TV and radio, podcasts, writes columns and books, and parents 6 year-old twins.  Meshel used to be quite good at stand up comedy, but unfortunately doesn’t do it anymore, as she has no interest in going out at night.

Meshel is proudly an official ambassador for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Australia, and for
Reconciliation Australia.




Buddhism is Meshel’s key to contentment, and she puts her heart and soul into being a better Buddhist every day.  She embraces her spiritualism by giving back to communities around the world.   Meshel also regularly meditates and reads Buddhist texts.  Meshel is proudly an official ambassador for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Australia.

It’s Meshel’s dream project is to make Buddhist philosophies accessible for everyone.

Download some of Meshel’s meditations here.



Meshel is an experienced corporate speaker who’ll bring her signature up-beat philosophy to your conference or event.  She can talk on a wide range of themes, depending on what you’re after, and can also help concept event topics.

For booking enquiries, please contact Creative Representation on 03 8417 0100.



In 2013 Meshel released her first book titled “The Fence-Painting Fortnight of Destiny”. A bit of a memoir and an insider’s perspective on the 1990s comedy scene, the workings of an inner-city brothel, what it’s like to be ‘the girl on Rove’ and also how fence-painting can help save a life.

Her second book, Buddhism For Breakups, launching January 30th 2017 follows Meshel's personal story and how Buddhism can be a roadmap for navigating the fear, loneliness and grief of a broken heart

Meshel Laurie On TV Make Up


Catch Meshel 6:30 pm on Fridays as a panellist on TEN’s The Project as she joins some of Australia’s favourite personalities to chat about what is going on around the world.

Meshel pops up quite a bit on TV.  She's been the host of ABC’s Stand Up! Co-Host of Ten’s This Week Live and a regular guest on shows such as Rove LiveThe Glass HouseCan of WormsSpicks and SpecksGood News WeekThe Circle and Adam Hills: In Gordon Street Tonight.



On The Radio

Meshel currently co-hosts the KIIS breakfast show in Melbourne with Matt Tilley, broadcasting weekdays on KIIS 101.1 from 6-9am. They will entertain you as you sit in morning traffic with fun facts, gossip and laughs that will fill the awkward gaps in conversation for the rest of your day.

She also co-hosts the 3pm Pick Up on weekdays with Monty Diamond. From personal stories to laughs to outrageous revelations from the glittering universe of music and celebs, their show will ease you through the school run.




Meshel worked nights for 14 years doing stand-up comedy around Australia.  Now she gets up very early in the morning doing breakfast radio, so late nights are out.

During her stand-up career, Meshel appeared in fourteen Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, the Edinburgh , Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, and a sell-out season of her one-woman-show The Whore Whisperer at the Sydney Opera House

Meshel still has some stand-up dreams to live, and will get back on stage one of these nights.  The force is strong in this one.


Nitty Gritty Committee Podcast

Meshel’s Nitty Gritty Committee Podcast for Mamamia is all about conversations with interesting people and the guts and glory of life.  She chats with former prison inmates, the homeless, transgender activists, homicide cops, famous people, non-famous (but amazing) people – it’s an up-sized brain/soul food combo with a side order of new perspective.



Charity Work

Meshel is one of the over 6 million Australians who works as a volunteer.  Over the years she’s donated her time to the Father Bob Foundation, Karuna Hospice, Childsafe Australia, A Flying Start for the QLD Department of Education and training and Reconciliation Australia. 

She currently volunteers with Mercy Palliative Care in Melbourne.



Meshel regularly writes columns and articles for The Age & Sydney Morning Herald about stuff she thinks is important.  They also write articles about Meshel when she does important stuff.

Read the latest on Meshel here.